Reliable and productive

The CT14 mast is exceedingly robust, carrying the full weight of the drillstring with capacity to spare. The integrated feed frame is 3.5 m long. With the possibility of using rods up to 6 m in length, high productive rod tripping is achieved. The CT14 is equipped with an easy to use rod positioner.

Suitable for many applications

Medium-sized, the Christensen CT14 is ideal for a variety of drilling applications – suitable for most depths or types of terrain. The CT14 has a drilling depth capacity of 1 200 m (NO), and is equipped with a powerful feed system and main winch.

Loaded with features

The CT14 comes loaded with many features which are often optional on other rigs; including, mud mixer, water flow meter, Trido water pump and tacho meter. The CT14 is CE marked and meets the requirements of safety standard EN 791.

Product description

The Christensen CT14 represents the most flexible drilling rig size in the Christensen range. With a drilling capacity of 1 200 m and a powerful feed system, the CT14 can easily handle deep drilling. As a mode of transportation, the CT14, is available for truck mounting. The CT14 comes loaded with features that often are optional on other rigs. So irrespectively where you are drilling there is an to fit your needs.

Quick facts

Technical data

Main application area

Surface exploration

Drilling method

Surface core drilling