Reliable feed system

Proven feed cylinder and wire rope design with a good D/d ratio gives a long life between service intervals of the feed system.

Longer Mast

To handle 20 ft (6m) drill pipe and casings thereby reducing number of drill pipe joints for speedy drilling.

Operating Safety

The TH10LM is packed with many safety features including enclosed jacks with anti-creep, emergency shutoff, hydraulic breakout wrench, anti skid platform, ladder for safe access to the deck and many more.

Atlas Copco’s TH 10LM (Long Mast) Lightweight waterwell rig is class apart for drilling wells upto 1000 ft (300m) for many household and agricultural needs with air and mud


  • Deephole Drilling 12.6 MB, PDF
  • TH 10 LM Brochure 3.5 MB, PDF