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Avoid damage or performance loss in your compressors or vacuum pumps. Keep away dust and dirt contamination with genuine compressor filters and separators.

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Why should you use Genuine Atlas Copco oil Separators?

Genuine Atlas Copco Separators ensure low pressure drop, efficient separation and are grounded for static electricity.


“We don’t want to put our production at risk with generic filters. Our compressor needs to keep running smoothly and efficiently.”

Improve lifetime

High-grade filtration keeps your compressor running

Prevent contamination

Special filtration elements keep your oil and air circuit clean

Reduce oil consumption

Low oil carry-over keeps your oil consumption to a minimum

Maximize compressor or vacuum pump lifetime

Dust and dirt contamination may damage or performance losses of rotors and their housings. Specific filter elements and high grade filtration efficiency guarantee your installation’s uptime. Built to withstand high operating pressures, our filters have a superior service life thanks to their high dirt holding capacity and temperature resistance.

What is the risk of non-genuine filters?

Alternative filters are often designed to accommodate multiple machines by making concessions to their specifications. A one-size-fits-all component may cause pressure drops, increased energy consumption or breakdowns. Only genuine parts guarantee the performance and integrity of your equipment.

Keep getting the most out of your equipment

Genuine filters and separators guarantee optimal return.
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Genuine Atlas Copco air filters

For a longer lifetime of your equipment.