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Installing a Compressor

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Not so long ago, acquiring a compressor required the customer to purchase the electric motor, starter equipment, after-cooler, intake filters, etc. The customer also had to thoroughly examine capacity and quality demands with all of the various component suppliers. This was in order to ensure that all equipment was compatible with the compressor. Today, a compressor and all of its accessories are purchased as a turnkey solution, and quite often as a fully-integrated package.

What is included in the compressor package?

A compressor package consists of a box frame, on which the compressor and accessories are mounted. All internal connections between the different parts are factory-made. The complete compressor package is enclosed in a sound reducing enclosure to reduce noise levels. This has resulted in significantly simplifying installation. An extreme example is the so-called 'worksite compressor', which incorporates fully integrated compressed air conditioning systems (dryer, filter, condensate remover etc.) and highly effective noise and vibration reduction measures.

These modern compressor packages are installed along the existing compressed air distribution system or along future expansions thereof. Regardless, it is important to remember that the installation method may still have a significant influence on compressor system performance and reliability.

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