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The versatility range

7-22 m³/min / 275-784 cfm (8.6-14 bar / 102-200 psi)

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Easy to Maneuver and Transport

Thanks to their relatively small size, the range can be towed behind a car and is easy to maneuver both on and off site.

Full Shift Fuel Autonomy

Being compliant with the stated emission regulations, this range is specially designed to run a full shift without the need to refuel

Easy to Operate

The controller is designed to ensure an easy operation of the units, taking away all operational barriers

Maximum Productivity

Designed for blasting, small drilling and general construction applications, these versatile compressors offer users a winning combination. Small in size but big in performance, these models are designed to consume less fuel and perform in an efficient, versatile way – resulting in higher productivity.

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Product Variations

XAHS 146 dd; XAHS 156 dd; XAVS 166 dd; XAMS 287 Md; XAHS 237 Md; XAVS 287 Md; XAHS 317 Md; XATS 327 Md; XAMS 367 Md.