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You choose the power source – we provide the means to make the compressed air.

We provide all the components needed to make high-quality compressed air, except the engine! PTO units provide an economic, efficient way to produce compressed air while utilizing your existing power source, such as the engine of a truck or large piece of industrial or agricultural equipment. These units have become the choice for OEM applications across the world. They are designed compactly with the smallest possible footprint – they are designed to fit your needs exactly.

We can also provide complete power packs with the engine incorporated into the package. This is more of a plug and play power solution aimed at powering small to large drilling rigs, along with many other applications.

Models include OAV 4, OAH 2, ORV 10, ORX 10, ORV 12, ORX 12

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Dynamic Flow Boost

Learn how the Dynamic Flow Boost principle can improve your drilling efficieny.


Along with a standard product range, we also offer a custom engineered range of products. We structure the design of these products through a global competency center in Antwerp, Belgium but our customized solutions are sold, supported and serviced locally, in over 180 markets. We can group these solutions into following categories.