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Works best in horizontal rock drilling, plug holeand concrete drilling.


The DS model is equipped with a polyurethane cover that can reduce noise by up to 50 percent.

Shallow drilling

The BBD 12 DS drills holes down to two metres depth.

Two different handles

Equipped with a D-type handle, it is used for horizontal drilling, plug hole drilling, and drilling in concrete to a maximum depth of one meter.
Equipped with T-handles, the BBD 12T is designed for vertical drilling of up to two meters.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Rock drill type

Surface rock drill

Hole range

17 mm - 29 mm


10,7 kg


565 mm

Air consumption

22 l/s

Impact rate

2 580 blows/min


220 rpm

Penetration rate

230 mm/min

Hose connection

13 mm

Piston diameter

45 mm

Stroke length

41 mm
Vibration and sound
Available shank sizes
Part numbers