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Interior seam sealing in paint shop

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Challenges in interior seam sealing

When it comes to interior seam sealing, accessibility is a major challenge. The application areas usually must be reached through the window openings. At the same time, the robot speed has to be reasonably high to keep cycle times low. Atlas Copco’s SCA product line offers different sealing solutions with a high degree of flexibility and process reliability to meet these requirements.

Flat stream

Flat stream application

Flat stream application

Flat stream adhesive application is perfectly suited for interior seam sealing. The application can process PVC with high material flow rates at low cycle times. The even material distribution and contour of the application ensure high quality and eliminate extensive rework. With a wide variety of nozzles available, flat stream sealing can be customized for a high degree of flexibility.


E-Swirl application for seam sealing in paint shop

E-Swirl application

The characteristic bead profile of E-Swirl applications is strongly improving process reliability. E-Swirl is applied in a rotational symmetrical pattern that provides an even material distribution with sharp contours. This application can fully demonstrate its advantages when used in tight radii and areas that are difficult to access. With E-Swirl, manufacturers handle even complex part geometries with high precision.

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