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Learn more about our dispensing solutions for cell-to-cell bonding in battery assembly

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Challenges in cell-to-cell bonding:

To supply the required energy, battery cells must be firmly attached to cell stacks. This is a major challenge, because the cells are quite delicate. No heat or force can be applied in the joining process. At the same time, the joint must meet the highest demands in terms of rigidity and crash behavior. Using elastic materials absorbs vibrations and improves the durability of the battery. Furthermore, avoiding air pockets is crucial for full contact and insulation. In case of a crash, air pockets can lead to short circuits – a huge safety issue in high-voltage systems.

Our solutions for cell-to-cell bonding:

Atlas Copco’s SCA product line offers dispensing solutions that are highly precise, avoiding air pockets and ensuring high process reliability. Depending on the customer's requirements, we offer 1C and 2C applications. 2C applications are often used in cell-to-cell bonding, because no external heat is required for the hardening. The high metering accuracy and mixing quality of our systems allows us to handle even advanced 2C applications with high speed and constant quality.

Your benefits:

Fast and precise bonding

High speed and high process reliability with automated application systems

Electrical insulation

A bubble-free application with no air pockets ensures full contact and electrical insulation

1C and 2C applications

Solutions tailored to customers’ requirements. Elastic material allows for "cell breathing"

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