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Engine sealing

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Challenges in engine sealing:

Engine sealant applications need to prevent leakage of oil, fuel and other operating materials that could compromise the overall engine function and driver safety. Using liquid gaskets for sealing engine housings and gearboxes is a well proven solution in the powertrain segment. This requires accurate dispensing technology that can handle low volumes on small-scale structures and complex engine geometries.

Our solutions for engine sealing:

With our SCA dispensing solutions, we offer automated applications for productive manufacturing of liquid gaskets. Our system components for engine sealing are developed to precisely apply small volumes of typical materials such as RTV silicone. That includes special barrel pumps, meters and applicators that can be adapted to various production requirements.

Typical application areas in a combustion engine include:

  • Gearbox housings
  • Oil pans
  • Cylinder heads
  • Crankshaft cover plates
  • ¬†Timing cases

Your benefits:

Reliable sealing solutions

Ensuring engine performance and driver safety

High-precision applications

Special system components for small volumes

High productivity solutions

High application speed and high degree of automation in various environments

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