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TechCover Protect

Protect your software, improve your performance!

What is TechCover Protect?

TechCover Protect is a software service agreement that will improve your overall system availability and have access to software updates to protect your investments.

What do you get?

Guaranteed response times to issues, improved system availability and reduced risk of production stoppages.

What are the benefits?

With TechCover Protect, you can reduced your production losses, maintenance costs, production downtime and resolution times.

Your software are valuable investments and you should optimize it to make the best use of it. TechCover Protect is a service agreement designed to minimize your production downtime, resolution times, production losses and maintenance costs.

ToolCover Protect includes:
• Committed response times of < 2 hours for production critical incidents.
• Remote product support.
• Root cause analysis and provision of problem resolution.
• Regular product updates. *

At Atlas Copco, our optimization services are based on our exclusive knowledge of our own tools. Protect is our basic TechCover product. For even more contentment see also TechCover Stability and TechCover Uptime.

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* The delivery of regular product updates does not include testing and implementation in customer environment.

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