Passionate people not only bring loyal customers but inspire children talents turning to be our future calibers in Atlas Copco Egypt

February 19, 2018

This is how Atlas Copco is perceived by "Farida" Mohamed Hamady's daughter working as Regional Academy Instructor – Compressor Technique Service in Middle East & Africa Region.

Influenced by her father's passion and dedication to Atlas Copco, Farida interpreted her feelings in one of her amazing artful works.

Farida Reveals her story with Atlas Copco – one of our greatest testimonials

"My father always tells us that he is so proud of working in Atlas Copco. That's why I asked to join him and visit Atlas Copco to observe him at work but couldn't convince him. I noticed how actually Daddy loves what he works and I got inspired and felt that I have the same feeling when it comes to something I truly love - Later on, I discovered that I can make any shape I like by Quilling art, I had made some shapes like Santa, Kitty, flower cards and fridge magnets. But quilling Atlas Copco name on cartoon plate was the best one I made after eight months of continuous quilling art sessions. Next time it will be very easy to convince my dad to join him in Atlas Copco visit because my art works are already there. And now I know why he is proud of working in this great place."

At Atlas Copco, we have a world of experience behind us with all kinds of people from many backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about what we do and love new challenges. Each day brings us new opportunities to grow, both as persons and professionals so we have the chance to make a real lasting difference. The good thing about it is that this has a great impact on the people we live with where they are looking forward to become part of it and join the long successful journey.