Interview with Summer Intern -Mahmoud Ashraf

Mahmoud Ashraf- Summer intern in service operation

Mahmoud has spent 4-weeks training in Atlas Copco Egypt on service operations where we would like to get his insights about us and what he learnt from our technical department .

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Mahmoud Ashraf- Fourth-year Electrical Power Engineering student, passionate for continuous self-development and community development through volunteering and being part of non-profit organizations. Interested in Engineering, Marketing, Project Management, and Supply Chain.

Why did you choose Atlas Copco for your internship?

Atlas Copco is one of the leading companies in a lot of business areas so for me it is very important to work in professional environment that has impact in a lot of fields and the most important thing for me is the importance of the employees for being part of the community and the level of investment that is provided for them which i found it strongly here in Atlas Copco.

What are the most important things you have learnt during your training?

It was my first time to be part of an entity, so I was really happy to see how the work is done, how people deal with each other and how they deal with the product and its efficiency, so I have not just learnt the technicalities I got the mindset of the 100% efficiency.

Now that you're almost at the end, what are your thoughts/ Would you come back to work with Atlas Copco in the future?

I will be very very happy to come back again to work with Atlas Copco because it will help me to the level of infinity in my self-development and will provide me the requirements needed to an effective person not just in Atlas Copco but in the world too.

What would you recommend to other students in your position?

I recommend them to learn from every tiny detail in the internship from the technicalities of the business area to the communication of the employees with each other and talk and deal with the employees as much as they can.