Interview with Summer Intern- Abdelkarim Bendary

Abdelkarim Bendary- Summer intern in service operations

Abdelkarim has spent 4-weeks training in Atlas Copco Egypt on service operations where we would like to get his insights about us and what he learnt from our technical department

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Abdelkarim Bendary .I am an undergraduate mechatronics engineer at GUC. I used to play swimming for the last 10 years and recently started rowing . I am a person who is organized and prefers to take initiative at anything. Also for the past 2 years I participated in some mechatronics projects and in extra-curricular activities as member in Nebny GUC and TIQ
Furthermore, I enjoy playing chess -guitar and going out with my friends at my spare time.

Why did you choose Atlas Copco for your internship?

I choose Atlas Copco as it is a global industrial group of companies developing, manufacturing and marketing products and service to a wide range of customers and my father (Ashraf Bendary) used to work there in the sales department.

What are the most important things you have learnt during your training?

That Atlas Copco group are united and alighned through a shared vision and a common identity. The most important thing from a mechanical view is that I practically used what I have studied last year in university and having the knowledge of new things . How important to concentrate in everything from the smallest to the largest part .and how to deal with problems & to be a quick problem solver.

Now that you're almost at the end, what are your thoughts?

I can't wait to use my experience in Atlas Copco in my theoretical subjects this year and intending to come back next summer.

Would you come back to work with Atlas Copco in the future?

That's my dream actually

What would you recommend to other students in your position?

That to start applying for summer internships in Atlas Copco Egypt - take work seriously & engage in their working field. Also I would encourage them to know about Atlas Copco culture as i got to know thru my internship training month.