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Student Day Program In Atlas Copco Egypt

Student Day program in Atlas Copco Egypt

In February Atlas Copco Egypt held a student day program that lasted for 3 days, we had 21 students from the faculty of engineering came from different universities: Helwan, Ain Shams, MIU along with Naval Academy as per the partnership between Atlas Copco Egypt & ACES stands for “The Annual Conference for Engineering Students”

ACES is: 1st student-run organization Founded in 2004, boasting a community of more than 35,000 engineers including graduates, undergraduates and community leaders. ACES has developed itself into an empowering tool for students aiming to develop their technical and non-technical skills to become community role models.

Supporting their program will be considered a substantial part of our Corporate Social Responsibility as it serves the development of young members of our society. Hence, we agreed to become among the sponsoring companies for this student organization.

One of the useful gates that ACES provide is their online recruitment solutions for all employers looking to hire engineers through ACES’ database created since 13 years.
This Career Gate is a digitalized portal with high student reach from different universities where job seekers of all specializations reach the opportunities they are looking for. It is also a link between job applicants and the recruiting companies.

That will enable us Whenever we have a vacancy – we will send it to their contact persons and they will post it on their recruiting online gate in addition of conducting and screening the candidates resumes before sending them to us.

What is the training program introduced?

Throughout the three days,The training was full of interaction and engagement between the students and the instructors.
Atlas Copco was offering mechanical & electrical students' theoritical along with practical sessions in our workshop sessions and VR application.

Students got introduced to our program including:

  • Oil – injected compressors / gas generators
  •  Oil – free compressors introduction & applications
  • Air – Net & compressors component & function.

"Training in the workshop"

This event has definitely been useful for all the students as The internship was varying from educational content for each division and practical training in the workshop.The program allows participants to take these learnings, skills & knowledge and implement them in their future job or to enhance their career.

How was the feedback from the students?

The students mentioned the outstanding performance of our professional divisional instructors as they focused on delivering the technicalities and knowledge in an interactive way through quizzing the students via “kahoot” tool which created a lot of competitive and exciting spirit among the students with special branded gifts for the winners from each division from our profile store.

what was the bottom line?

Our training objective was to create awareness of our company and to develop students’ loyalty as they will become our future employees or loyal customers.
After this successful training, our successive activity will be the upcoming summer internship.