Atlas Copco Egypt bringing latest technology in the Textile industry

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Under this theme- Atlas Copco Egypt conducted a seminar on September 11, 2017 for Textile Manufacturers in Egypt.

Producing beautiful fabrics with the most sophisticated colors and pattern is an art. Fashion designers entrust their creations to weavers or spinners, able to deliver the highest quality fabrics and textiles and here comes the role of Atlas Copco for delivering the ISO certified compressors for textile applications.

This seminar carried valuable information with benefits for our customers ensuring productivity, quality & efficiency in the textile industry. 35 companies attended on this seminar including our existing and new customers. The topics of presentations covered Compression Technology, Blowers , & After Market Solutions. Also the presentations highlighted the new products and the latest technologies in the compressed air innovations and how could bring value to the customers' productivity.

The seminar was highly interactive as throughout the event, we had the opportunity to listen to the voice of customers and answer their needs and questions. The seminar was well received by the participants who appreciated the content as it provided more insight on Atlas Copco top innovations and latest technology enabling us to achieve our vision of becoming and remaining First in Mind—First in Choice ® to our stakeholders.

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