Water for All project in Egypt

Water for All Project by Atlas Copco Egypt

Contributions make a difference for water access at remote villages in Upper Egypt

In a world where 1 in 9 people still doesn't have access to clean water, the smallest change makes a big difference. Contributions to "Water for All" project made by our Egypt employees mean the world for children and families of "Bani-Ali" & "El-Garnoos" villages in Upper Egypt

Clean drinking water is a human right - under this belief, Atlas Copco Egypt conducted a field visit to the two villages in upper Egypt where no clean water was accessible to them and the trip of water was not so easy to take.

Atlas Copco Egypt in association with "Misr El kher" - one of the very well established and known organization in the CSR projects in Egypt - cooperated in delivering clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to remote villages in upper Egypt and to increase awareness raising and skills in proper hygiene behavior among children, and their communities.

Read the story of how the project started...

Back in 2017 - The project was funded by Atlas Copco Egypt employees donations along with Atlas Copco Group which paid 2 x the collected donation amount to reach a total of almost 300,000 EGP with the purpose of improving the quality life of childern and their communities.

Afterwards, We made our studies that estimate our total contribution for
the “Water for All” project and contacted "Misr El kher" organization to deliver the infrastructure needed to implement the project which successfully managed to deliver access to clean water to approximately 28,000 person.

What's the bottom line for the people?

For a start, water-borne disease is reduced among school children. This, in turn, means that they can spend more productive time at school instead of being sick at home. The raised numbers of school attendance means that the time in school furthers their education and improves their lives in the future. Being educated, they also have a higher awareness and appreciation of drinking safe water, which is passed to their family and improves the community as a whole.

Moreover, since the families now feels more secured regarding thier daily need of clean water, they can now have enough time to focus on imporving their quality of life or even running a small business...

Watch the video of our Field visit trip