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Dewatering surface pumps

PAS, VAR, WEL ranges

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Don’t let blockages slow you down.

Reach your impeller inside in less than 3 minutes.


6Different configurations



Max head up to


Max flow up to


solids handling up to


outlet size from 40 to 300 mm

Dewatering solutions

A wide range of centrifugal and piston pumps

A wide range of centrifugal and piston pumps

The dewatering range was developed as a result of our over 140 years’ experience working with customers across the world, combined with our acquisition of Varisco – an industry leading pump designer and manufacturer.

Our strategy fits perfectly with pumps. The first focus is providing efficient products. We strive to develop products that are better for you and better for the environment. Secondly, the products should be easy to take to your point of work. Therefore we put a huge amount of focus on making products that are smaller and lighter, with features that make them easy to move.

The range is packed with features that not only meet, but exceed the needs of the market. We are focused on producing versatile pumps that are suitable for many industries, including construction, general dewatering, wellpoint applications and emergency use, such as flood clean up.

There is a surface pump for every need

PAS range

Dry prime pumps

Dry prime pumps

VAR range

Wet prime pumps

Wet prime pumps

WEL range



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Product variations

PAS 100 MF 225, PAS 100 MF 250, PAS 100 MF 260, PAS 150 MF250, PAS 200 MF 300, PAS 200 MF 305, PAS 300 MF 390, PAS 100 HF 250, PAS 150 HF 300, PAS 200 HF 305
VAR 4-225, VAR 4-250, VAR 4-316, VAR 6-250, VAR 6-251, VAR 6-350, VAR 6-400, VAR 8-300, VAR 8-305, VAR 10-305, VAR 12-400
VAR SPL 4-316, VAR SPL 6-350, VAR SPL 6-400, VAR SPL 10-305, BEN 4-250, BEN 6-250
WEL ECO 4-250, WEL ECO 6-250, WEL ECO 4-250 D, WEL ECO 6-250 D, WEL PTS 100
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