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The peace of mind compressor

The best compressors are the ones you never have to worry about. With its new GA 75-110 VSD+, Atlas Copco is providing exactly that peace of mind – with huge energy savings on top.

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The GA 75-110 VSD+ truly checks all the boxes!

The compressor you will hardly ever think about

Thanks to its outstanding reliability, chances are that you will hardly ever think about your GA 75-110 VSD+ – until your electric bill presents you with a pleasant reminder. Because these new Atlas Copco compressors do not just generate high quality compressed air, they do it while consuming an average of 50% less than their fixed speed alternatives.

Bert Derom Vice President marketing Industrial air

“ “Our customers have always loved and trusted the GA for its reliability and performance. VSD+ now also gives them big energy savings.” ”

Bert Derom , Vice President of Marketing, Industrial Air

It is an important investment - but provides even more important savings!

Granted, purchasing a large compressor is an important initial investment. However, over the lifetime of such a unit, its purchase price is just a small part of the overall expenditure. Most of a compressor’s cost is energy-related. Because of its energy savings, reliability and high quality, the overall cost of ownership of a GA 75-110 VSD+ is extremely low. These savings will accumulate even faster when energy prices go up again.

These are not mere predictions. The technology is a proven winner in the field. Atlas Copco first introduced VSD+ for its smaller compressors in 2013. Since then, customers have embraced the technology – and not just because of the big savings.

David Pescador, Business Development Manager Industrial Air for Spanish automotive supplier Matrival, called his company’s VSD+ compressor a “true revolutionary machine” and praised its “innovative vertical build.”

Bring your production to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 compressors iot atlas copco

The GA 75-110 VSD+ also optionally comes with a remote monitoring system that allows you to optimize your compressed air system and provides a complete insight in your compressed air network. In addition, it anticipates potential problems and provides warnings before they arise.

In part because of these and other features, the compressor’s Free Air Delivery is increased by up to 6% and it produces high quality air that safeguards production reliability and quality.

This means that, taking into account the cost savings of the GA 75-110 VSD+, Atlas Copco really has managed to once again offer more for less.

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