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Our ZE 3S low pressure screw compressor: quality performance, low operational cost

Specifically manufactured to operate in a broad spectrum of pneumatic conveying industrial applications, our new ZE 3S (37-90 kW / 50-120 hp) low pressure (1.5 - 2.5 bar(g) / 22-36 psig) rotary screw compressor ensures you of Class 0 certified oil-free air and smooth operation at the lowest cost.

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Partner in pneumatic conveying

Thanks to the Class 0 certified oil-free air delivery the new ZE 3S is your perfect partner for any pneumatic conveying application, especially in industries that require complete product safety such as cement, gypsum and food & beverage

Optimal performance

Built according to the high-quality standards of our ZE/ZA range, the ZE 3S ensures you of continuous and reliable air flow in dusty environments. Moreover, thanks to the innovative design our new oil-free low pressure screw compressor is a cost-competitive solution both in terms of initial cost and in terms of operational cost.

Fast & easy truck unloading

Easy connection, 25% faster unloading time compared to truck unloading installations and high unloading capacity are just a couple of benefits our new ZE 3S brings to your truck unloading process.

What makes our newest ZE 3S oil-free low pressure screw compressor unique?

  • The ZE 3 low pressure compressors incorporates Atlas Copco’s latest and well-proven oil-free screw element with a liquid cooled cooling jacket that precisely controls the heat, resulting in a more energy efficient operation.

  • The noise emission level is kept low thanks to a silent canopy with sealed canopy panels and doors and the inlet baffle silencing with minimum pressure drop and high sound absorption charateristics. 

  • The flexible and compact design allows you to place your unit in- or outdoors. On top of that,  our flexible scope of supply enables you to adjust your units to your specific needs; our new ZE 3S can be customized to operate in ambient tempartures between -20°C and 50°C.

Want to discover more about our new ZE 3S?

Take a closer look at our ZE 3S and discover what’s beneath the silent canopy of our newest generation of the oil-free low pressure screw compressors.

Download the brochure as a PDF:

Our improvements in facts & figures


more energy efficient compared to the previous generation


faster unloading time compared to mounted compressors


smaller footprint compared to the previous generation