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How No Sabe Fallar, Mexico, achieves 20% energy reduction

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No Sabe Fallar, S.A. de C.V. is the Mexican subsidiary of the global BIC Group, which sells items such disposable lighters, pens and shaving razors via 3.2 million retail outlets in 160 countries. Loosely translating as “we do not recognize failure”, No Sabe Fallar manufactures safe, reliable BIC products – and demands equal levels of reliability from its air compressor solution, which is the main power source for assembly, injection molding and transportation machines, as well as screen printing and pad printing machines.

However, the plant in Cuautitlán Izcalli also needed to drive costs down through smart use of energy. To achieve this, the plant uses a group of GA-type compressors, an energy saving ES control system and the AirConnect Visualization System.

GA compressors for reduction of energy costs

The plant has 9 Atlas Copco GA-type oil-injected rotary screw compressors – two GA 315s, two GA 90s, two GA 90 VSDs and three GA 160s. The element and motors in GA compressors are designed to reduce energy costs and overall compressor lifecycle costs. The GA VSD (Variable Speed Drive) further reduces energy costs by automatically adjusting the air supply to demand with a large turndown operating range.

ES central control system for optimum efficiency

Left: Armando Guerra, Maintenance Manager at No Sabe Fallar, right: Ing. Ricardo Díaz Badillo, .Sales Engineer Atlas Copco Mexicana

Left: Armando Guerra, Maintenance Manager at No Sabe Fallar, right: Ing. Ricardo Díaz Badillo, .Sales Engineer Atlas Copco Mexicana

No Sabe Fallar also has an Atlas Copco ES 130V central control system which provides monitoring and control of all compressors simultaneously, ensuring all units provide optimum performance for the process. The result is a dependable, energy efficient network.

An AirConnect Visualization system makes it easy to monitor the system and identify any areas that can be improved. All information is at the user's fingertips, from installation status to trends and system performance.

AIRScan survey highlights additional energy saving opportunities

Atlas Copco also performed an AIRScan survey to optimize the system. AIRScan is an independent Atlas Copco survey and reporting tool that pinpoints the areas where potential savings can be made in a plant. Combining this analysis with the monitoring capabilities of the central control system and the inherent energy-efficiency of the compressor units, enabled No Sabe Fallar to achieve significant energy savings whilst upholding quality and safety.

“ We needed reliable machinery of recognized brands that would ensure the continuity of our operations, and that is why we turned to Atlas Copco. Thanks to their support and their AIRScan tool, we have achieved average energy savings of up to 20% in the compressed air system. ”

Armando Guerra , Maintenance Manager No Sabe Fallar