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O risks with oil-free compressors for textile manufacturer

As the Primayudha Mandirijaya Pt. textile factory in Indonesia has become more automated, the air compressor at the heart of its processes has become more critical. In 2012, the company bought a ZH 350+ centrifugal air compressor with 7 bar pressure and 350 kW to control the valves and cylinders for its spinning and winding processes. The choice was made because it delivered both maximum productivity via reliable, constant pressure, yet eliminated all traces of oil from the air used, thereby avoiding any risk of product damage.

Textile Compressor Technique Oil-free compressors Class 0 Compressor Technique

Constant productivity through constant pressure

High quality air is essential in integrated textile units, especially on the scale of Primayudha Mandirijaya Pt., which produces between 95,000 and 120,000 bales of yarn per year. On the winding machine, compressed air is used to splice yarn. On the conventional ring spinning and winding  machines, compressed air is used to splice yarn. Compressed air plays a more critical role in the modern air jet vertex spinning systems installed in PT Primayudha Atlas Copco was the first manufacturer to provide the textile industry with energy-efficient and reliable oil-free compressed air solutions that allow yarn production at a relatively high rate.

“ Constant pressure is the most important element in our factory, only Atlas Copco centrifugal compressors satisfy our demands for pressure and provide us with high productivity. ”

Mukesh Garg , Production Manager Primayudha Mandirijaya Pt.

ZH 350+ oil-free centrifugal compressor eliminates risks

During the air-jet spinning process, cotton is spun into yarn with compressed air supplied through fine nozzles. Oil in the compressed air can clog the nozzles and stain the yarn, which is in direct contact with the compressed air. Expensive nozzle replacements, production losses and rejection of the product by the customer can be the result.

The ZH 350+ oil-free centrifugal compressor complies with ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010) certification. That means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; and zero risk of losses from operational downtime.

Atlas Copco compressors, Primayudha Mandirijaya Pt. purchased another Atlas Copco unit – a ZH 500+-9 centrifugal compressor – in November 2013. Delivered as a plug-and-play package, the ZH 500+-9 employs advanced aerodynamics to reduce energy consumption in the core and reduce pressure drop from cooler, inlet filter and optimized part design. It saves up to 7% on specific energy at full load and up to an additional 9% at partial load. The new machine arrived in April 2014.

“ This new machine will help us to increase our production reliability, safeguard the quality of our product, and also achieve maximum energy savings. ”

Mukesh Garg , Production Manager Primayudha Mandirijaya Pt.