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Air Liquide uses state-of-the-art centrifugal technology

Gian Piero Reale: Air Liquide is a French multinational, founded over a century ago and has about 65.000 employees. We are present in more than 80 countries.

Narrator: Air Liquide is a classic example of a company that requires a large supply of compressed air.

Gian Piero Reale: In general, we need compressed air to produce oxygen and nitrogen. In this specific case here, the compressed air is used as instrument air by our clients. It is fundamental to their process and safety.

Narrator: When you need lots of air, the potential for savings is big. Choosing the most efficient technology is crucial.

Luc T’Jollijn: The ZH compressor range uses our tried and tested centrifugal technology. At the heart of each machine is an individually designed impeller. That’s right: each machine and each impeller is sized for the specific flowr and pressure requirements of the customer.

These impellers are built to last, which makes the ZH a very reliable unit.

Just as important though is that this centrifugal technology is the most energy efficient solution for customers that require a large quantity of compressed air.