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Heavy duty gas compressors CU

Packing reliable performance into a compact, functional design, our CU oil-lubricated, high-pressure heavy duty gas compressors offer you efficient compression of air, nitrogen, natural gas, hydrogen, helium and other industrial gases

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High pressure and high safety

Shielded by a pressure-tight sealed crankcase, our high pressure CU compressor avoids the emission of gases to the atmosphere, even low-molecular-weight gases, while delivering you high pressures of up to 480 bar(a)

Full customization options

Choose the configuration that best suits your process. Inlet pressures from 1 to 19 bar; 1 to 5 stage configurations; available discharge pressures up to 480 bar for CU compressors

Ideal for CNG refueling

CNG refueling station owners trust the CU piston compressors for their safety and reliability. We support your CNG applications with specialized compressor packages and a full line of accessories in compliance with either European or American standards: Class 1, Group D, Div. 2, NEC, UL

Plug & play for quick installation

Get straight to work. For quick and easy installation, the high pressure  compressors are installed on a concrete deck and are shipped as complete all-in-one packages that are simple to install without requiring a foundation

Low maintenance, low cost

Cut your maintenance bill. We support the CU heavy-duty compressors with an advanced maintenance concept that ensures short downtimes and long service intervals. For reliable performance and maximum uptime, our trunk-piston technology offers field-proven ruggedness and the lowest lifecycle costs on the market

Oil-lubricated reciprocating compressors up to 480 bar (a)

At work in the most demanding compressed air and gases applications, our CU gas compressors are a complete line of oil-lubricated reciprocating compressors delivering high pressures up to 480 bar (a).

Technical description CU high pressure gas compressors

Built for quick installation and minimal maintenance, our CU heavy duty compressors help you get the job done in high-pressure applications, including

  • NGV refueling stations
  • H2 refueling systems
  • bottle filling
  • air-blast circuit breakers

Handling all typical industrial gases

Putting decades of industrial gases experience to work for you, we designed the CU high pressure compressors to handle all typical industrial gases, including:

  • air
  • nitrogen
  • helium
  • hydrogen
  • natural gas
  • carbon monoxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • rare gases and gas mixtures

Safe and complete

To ensure operator safety and contamination-free handling of industrial gases, CU gas compressors feature pressure-tight crankcases, so gases remain within the compressor and are not contaminated by atmospheric air. We support natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations with complete compressor packages. To achieve the specific inlet pressure for your process, you may also choose from our range of standardized or tailor-made designs. To ensure a robust and durable operation, the CU heavy duty gas compressor uses a reduced number of valves with lower valve temperatures, a crankshaft-driven oil pump and cooling fan, as well as a trunk-piston single-acting compressor design.

Decades of experience with refueling stations

For several decades Atlas Copco has built up a strong worldwide reputation in high performance compression systems for refueling stations. Our range of compressors and ancillaries provides you with exceptional reliability, safety and energy savings for the high demands of your CNG refueling stations.

Meeting international standards

We comply with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001. Our production methods employ lean engineering and agile manufacturing, with the goal of supporting you worldwide with the best quality products. This includes ‘0 defect’ certificates for high-pressure safety joints featured in the CU gas compressors

Heavy duty gas compressors CU

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