Protects the engine

Sleek design and great protection of all vital parts. Single lifting point for easy transportation

LED light

suitable for night work

Low vibration

Vibration reducing handle

Long life

New developed air filter and oil filter extend maintenance intervals

Large water tank

For fewer refills and more up time

Single Drum Roller (LPS600 E)

LPS600 E Single drum roller is in low weight, with flexible operation and applications, can provide best compaction performance in confined area. It enables you to get the job done faster and squeeze more into your daily schedule.

Technical specifications

Double Drum Roller (LP6500 E)

LP6500 E Duplex roller is well suited for thin layers on granular soils and asphalt, especially for small jobs in confined area. With flexible operation and applications, it provides best compaction performance with high efficiency.

Technical specifications

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Your benefits

When working on different type of jobs you might need to switch vibration on and off. This is of course no problem.