Easy lifting

The machine has a standard lifting eye for crane lifting. It’s positioned to keep the machine in balance during lifting

Feels good

All forward plates are equipped with a patented reduced vibration handle that gives very low hand/ arm vibration, compared to conventional handles

Saving space

A fully foldable handle makes transport and storage easier

Make customers smile

The bottom plates have rounded edges to avoid marking the surface


Get more out of your forward plate with accessories like a block paving kit and transportation wheels.

Get more

The whole range covers weight classes from 53 to 141 kg and plate widths from 320 to 500 mm. With a block paving kit the forward plates are also suitable for block paving.
All LF compactors are factory prepared for mounting a block paving kit. If you have an older machine, without factory made holes, a drill fixture is available.

1) with transport wheels * with water tank


LF 50

LF 80

LF 100

LF 130