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Simple, Intuitive Controller

We have developed a simple, intuitive interface to ensure that your compressor is dialled up to give you the performance you need. We put you in complete control.

Optimal Size

The range’s perfectly balanced size is a result of innovative engineering. These machines are specifically designed so that they are easy to maneuver both on and off-site, even on rough terrain.

Full Shift Fuel Autonomy

This range features improved fuel autonomy. The compressors are specially designed to run a full shift without the need to refuel. Less fuel is consumed, which saves time and money, contributing to a low total cost of operations.

Tough Performer

All our compressors are tested both in lab and field conditions to ensure optimal performance. This range is designed to withstand the toughest working conditions. It has a standard operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C and a strong undercarriage. The canopy has been treated with extra corrosion protection, ensuring a longer lifetime and higher resale value.

Strategic Engine Choice

We have chosen an engine that matches your needs. Reliability in tough conditions is a must and that is what this engine delivers. We have also chosen an engine that has global field support, and back up, for complete peace of mind.

Simple Service

This range provides exceptional access to all the service and maintenance points. Less time spent on maintenance and less downtime significantly improves utilization and availability.

One air compressor to cover a multitude of applications

Medium air compressor range options list india export

We have a variety of options available

Our compressed air range from 385-1350 cfm is simply known as the Versatility range. This range covers hundreds of applications across the world. We provide you with a compressor that can handle a multitude of applications in an efficient way.

Efficient air compressors

one machine covers multiple applications

The XAVS 600, ready to cover several applications

When we focus on efficiency within this range, it’s all about the strategic triangle of size, flow and fuel efficiency. Excelling in one of these areas is wasted excellence if you cannot provide the other two. Therefore, our promise to you is an industry leading range of optimized size-to-flow compressors, which have unparalleled levels of fuel efficiency and autonomy.

Compressed air for the most demanding job sites

on this chart with pressure versus flow, you can see all our medium air compressors

Select the right versatility unit for your needs

This range is also designed to withstand the toughest working conditions. They have a standard operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C and a strong undercarriage. The range’s robust nature guarantees reliable operation. The design, controller and modularity put you in control. This range is all about you!

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Product variations

XAHS 375, XATS 375, XAS 400, XAVS 436, XAHS 486, XATS 536, XAXS 600, XRHS 650, XAHS 675, XATS 800, XAMS 850, XR 1000, XRH 1100, VRX 1200, XRX 1350.