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Solutions up to (5000 psi)

When we talk about high pressure boosters, we simply mean a compressor which enables you to step up the pressure of the primary compressor. Our boosters are focused on efficiency and work across multiple industries. When drilling, for example, they enable you to efficiently increase your drilling speed, enabling you to reduce the cost per meter drilled and improve your overall profitability.

Let our high pressure boosters be your productivity partner

high pressure booster compressor range

The high pressure booster portfolio

The greatly reduced size and weight of our booster packages ensure they are a productive, efficient choice – they were designed to be transported to your point of work – no matter how remote the location.

Another no compromise aspect of our booster portfolio is the extended safety features. We have built in safety mechanisms that go above and beyond just the legislative requirements. We have a Specialty Air team that will work to make the product that is right for you. When working at high-pressure in tough conditions – let our boosters be your productivity partner.

Connecting with your booster compressor

The high pressure compressor booster controller

The BC 4003 controller, connecting you to your customized high pressure booster compressor

The BC 4003 controller is the brain of the booster, connecting you with your customized package. This simple, fully digital display replaces the conventional ‘cock pit’ style controllers with many gauges and dials. An audible and visual alarm warning system, along with an emergency stop button is integrated to the control panel.

High pressure at reduced footprint thanks to in-house designed pump block

the high pressure compressor booster pump block

The in-house designed pump block of the high pressure compressor booster

The in-house designed pump block is the heartbeat of our booster package. It packs a punch in a small package and is the reason we can produce boosters with a greatly reduced footprint. The pump block integrates into the booster using quick release ‘half-moon’ couplings, enabling it to be easily detached for service work. We provide complete service kits that are available for 250, 500 and 1000 hours and service can be done in just a few hours. We have a four or six cylinder pump block option depending on the booster chosen and compression stages needed.

Why select an Atlas Copco high pressure booster compressor?

The booster models include B4, B7, B9, B13, B18, SB7, SB18.

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Dynamic Flow Boost

Learn how the Dynamic Flow Boost principle can improve your drilling efficieny.


Along with a standard product range, we also offer a custom engineered range of products. We structure the design of these products through a global competency center in Antwerp, Belgium but our customized solutions are sold, supported and serviced locally, in over 180 markets. We can group these solutions into following categories.