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Simple to set-up, easy to use

Every dust collector package is a complete kit that you'll have up and running in minutes. Trolley version is available as an option.

No power required

A dust collector requires no power source, only a steady supply of compressed air. Its semi-automatic filter cleaning mechanism makes your job even easier.

Efficient operation

A DCP dust collector consumes no more than 12 liters of air per second. Its recyclable collection bags will last for an 8-hour shift.

Pneumatic dust collector

Dust collector with RTEX pneumatic breaker and XAS compressor

Breaking is a dirty job, but with a dust collector the operator is protected against the most harmful dust. Atlas Copco's pneumatic dust collectors use vacuum technology to efficiently remove dust directly at the source and keep the silica dust level on your construction site below the permissible exposure limit. They work indoors as well as outdoors and don't require power, only a reliable source of compressed air.

Technical data

    DCP 10
Weight incl tripod stand kg 25
Air consumption at 6 bar l/s 11-12
Vacuum suction mm of H2O 1340
Air inlet connection compatible for US claw coupling mm 12.7
Suction hose mm 38
Filter surface area 2
Collection sack, flat dimensions mm 560 x 700
Diameter of housing unit mm 365
Height of housing unit mm 760
Height above ground mm 1310