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Harder stuff

The BBC 34-DSI is highly efficient in medium to
hard rock.

Cut noise

The silencer can reduce the noise by up to 5 dB(A), which is perceived as a 50 percent improvement of noise levels to the human ear.

Rotation that lasts

The powerful rifle bar rotation mechanism is dimensioned to handle industrial demands.

Heavy range for industrial use

When you see the DSI designation on a drill, you’ll know it’s made for bigger operations. DSI stands for Dimension Stone Industry and these well-proven pneumatic rock drills can be mounted on a drill column to make you really productive.
The BBD and BBC-models can drill holes of up to 27-41 mm in diameter and they come equipped with an H22 chuck and air flushing as standard. You can get water flushing as an option and the machines can be equipped with both cable or chain feeds.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Rock drill type

RIG-mounted rock drill

Hole range

27 mm - 41 mm


31 kg


774 mm

Air consumption

88 l/s

Impact rate

2 280 blows/min

Piston diameter

80 mm

Stroke length

70 mm
Vibration and sound
Available shank sizes
Part numbers