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HAPS is more business

The anti-vibration system HAPS means you will
have seven times more trigger time than with a conventional machine.

Built in air flushing

Drill systems with a high output need good flushing technology to be able to remove drill cuttings.


The slim polyurethane silencer cuts noise by up to 50 percent. And it’s designed to stay out of sight.

Rock drilling is tough work, but we always try to make it as easy as possible for you

The medium-weight BBD15E has a combined ”T/D handle” that make it easy for you to carry. It offers a high power-to weight ratio and a high operational safety. The E means it’s equipped with spring dampened handles and a highly effective silencer. The largest BBD drill is available in a version with a trigger valve, BBD 15ET. If you have an older machine it’s possible to retrofit it with a trigger conversion kit.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Rock drill type

Surface rock drill

Hole range

17 mm - 29 mm


15,5 kg


575 mm

Air consumption

22 l/s

Impact rate

2 520 blows/min


220 rpm

Penetration rate

220 mm/min

Hose connection

19 mm

Piston diameter

45 mm

Stroke length

40 mm
Vibration and sound
Available shank sizes
Part numbers