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More comfort

The design combines light weight with extra comfort for the operator, thanks to the vibration dampened handles.

Clean out

All RH-models have built in air flushing. A direct air flow within the drill steel removes drill chippings and prevents the drill from jamming.

For smaller jobs

The RH 571 is specialised for your smaller jobs in confined spaces and can drill to six metres depth.

For hard rock and holes

Thanks to the robust rifle-bar rotation mechanism and high impact energy for drilling in hard rock, the lightweight RH 571 is perfect for smaller jobs. All models are equipped with T-handles to give you a solid, comfortable grip.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Rock drill type

Surface rock drill

Hole range

28 mm - 34 mm


17,8 kg


510 mm

Air consumption

39 l/s

Impact rate

2 100 blows/min


190 rpm

Penetration rate

295 mm/min

Hose connection

19 mm

Piston diameter

55 mm

Stroke length

60 mm
Vibration and sound
Available shank sizes
Part numbers