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MTF400 & fixtured electric screwdriver

Boost your productivity with this light and compact low torque screwdriver

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Improved process control and enhance productivity

Extremely light and compact, full of
functionalities. The MicroTorque QMC Series
Fixtured Screwdrivers combined with the
powerful MT Focus 400 controller, boosts
productivity, improves quality and reduces costs.
It is the most advanced tightening solution for
any low torque application.



Productivity and flexibility

Eliminate set up time by quickly changing between multiple torque programs. Reduce cycle time while maintaining top quality utilizing the multistep tightening and use an advanced tightening strategy to successfully perform your tightening in any type of screwed joint.

Quality and error proofing

The high torque accuracy assured by all MicroTorque tools secures torque consistency at every tightening in every joint. With angle monitoring & control you automatically detect stripped joints, missing components, misalignments as well as incomplete tightenings and combining with poka yoke systems you will have complete error proofing possibilities.

Continuous improvement

Optimize your production process by keeping the history traceable and accessible by the data reporting function. The graphical data & analysis is a powerful feature for process optimization and the Seating Control Strategy is the smartest tightening method in class.

Automation friendly

With the new innovative, compact & lightweight QMC tools you will have access to multi communication channels to easily integrate with PLCs and automation systems. The design makes it easy to install the tool saving both time and resources.

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