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As a world-class supplier of assembly solutions, Atlas Copco‘s PST press portfolio is unrivaled. Running on the Power MACS 4000 controller, the PST uses the same tool cable and motor as the tightening and gauging spindle, QST. With a variety of station types, from compact hand-held C-frame tools to the floor-mounted, multi-process H-frame, PST assembly workstations are scalable solutions designed to increase flexibility, improve accuracy, reduce process time and save money. Workstations can be customized to virtually any application demand, featuring modular designs and a wide variety of error-proofing options.


  • Planetary roller screw
  • Load cell on outgoing shaft
  • Mechanical gear unit
  • Standard QST motor with smart cable connector
  • Can be ordered in a brake version


  • Accurate and precise load readings
  • High level of durability
  • Easy installation
  • Controlled and very fast rundown speeds
  • Easy to collect and view data
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