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PRS Position Recognition System

Integrated error proofing


The Atlas Copco’s Position Recognition System is an integrated, stand-alone error proofing system that offers high-level process security for applications that range from simple to complex. The system incorporates the functionality of a Power Focus 4000 or Power MACS 4000 tightening system with position control. PRS tracks the exact position of the tool, ensuring the correct fasteners are tightened to a specified torque, in the proper sequence. Standard applications include: low-volume, high-value component assembly, repairs stations and flexible assembly cells.


  • Utilizes contactless, durable encoders
  • Tracks the exact position of the tool
  • Integrated zero-position marking
  • Misalignment tolerant system


  • High production quality standards, regardless of operator
  • Reduces the need for additional quality checks
  • All process documentation available per application and fastener
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