Oxygen Generator and Medical Gas Piping Systems from Beacon Medaes Operated in Raja Ampat Hospital in West Papua

Located in Papua island-West Papua province, Indonesia – As the TOP 10 diving destination for International tourism Raja Ampat is nominated as the TOP 3 area for Indonesia tourism and culture, health and investment and is planned to create as tourism province.

With 80,000 population which are spread in 3 majors big island – Lead by a local Mayor H. Abdul Faris Umlati, SE. The province has one (1) local government hospital called Raja Ampat hospital with D type
(a hospital below 100). The hospital also has the Hyperbaric Chamber to provide pure Oxygen for diver (80%), open for public- beauty purpose (15%) and healthcare (5%) as well.

As a remote area before it was not an easy to get access to the island – it took 5 hours flight from capital city and take another 3 hours by fast ferry. In total 8 hours in normal situation. So all the supply for Oxygen Cylinder for Hyperbaric Chamber and Medical patient in the hospital is delivered from another island, so the quality and purity for the Oxygen, the delivery schedule is unpredictable depends on the weather and supply availability, price issue USD 60/cylinder 6m3 (10 times higher than the general price).

Now, Raja Ampat hospital is ready to serve communities surround the island and also for tourism purpose. It’s easy to get the access, and also with a reasonable price.

Our Beacon Medaes Oxygen Generator is the only complete product in Indonesia for Medical Gas Piping System and Oxygen Generator in 1(one) brand. Our brand is the only brand which guarantee the services, the availability for spare parts.

Some benefits that have been experienced by the hospital using our products are: The hospital has no worries of being lack of Oxygen supply, they can supply the Oxygen to the patient at any time, also they can reduce their cost on Oxygen gas cylinder investment, they also can upgrade their type of hospital to the next level (Type D into Type C) and they can get a good accreditation from the Ministry of Health.