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What is #airCHECK?

An Atlas Copco #airCHECK is a complementary visual inspection of your air system resulting in recommendations for any further actions.

Is it for my compressed air system?

We #airCHECK any make of system, not just our own.

Why should I do it?

Our #airCHECK will diagnose all common problems including pipework leaks, pressure and drainage.

#airCHECK can be carried out without any disruption to your production, in as little as 10 minutes.

Our engineer makes a visual inspection of your entire compressed air system, from air compressor to point of use, all of the ancillary equipment along the line and even the compressor room environment. Equipment is checked for condition, appropriate capacity, ISO compliance, unproductive running and for air leaks, to name but a few areas.

After we have airCHECKED your system, you will receive a no-obligation written report, outlining where running efficiency improvements or energy savings could be made, and highlighting any non-conformance with ISO standards or wasteful practices. 

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