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Top Tip: Do you know the rules for proper disposal of compressed air condensate?

compressed air system assessment

Anyone who runs a compressed air system needs to know how to properly dispose of the condensate, as it is usually contaminated with oil and potentially other hazardous substances. You can be fined if you put this kind of waste down the drain.



If you are unsure of the regulations, you can read more here

compressed air system assessment

Breffni Air is an Irish specialist ventilation company that manufactures and installs ductwork. Their Cavan based factory requires their fibre laser cutter to provide them with very accurate sheet metal profiles in both stainless and galvanised steel. To achieve this, they use nitrogen as a cutting gas. Using the Atlas Copco high pressure nitrogen skid ensures they have on tap availability and bottle transportation is no longer needed. 

With up to 80% cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint on top, what's not to like about this all-in-one solution?

886 million cups of tea!

saving energy for the UK manufacturing

That's the amount of energy our VSD compressors have helped UK industry save in just one year, which is equivalent to approximately 22,140,700 kWh or over 10 million kg of C02.

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50 years of oil-free compressors

class 0 oil-free air comrpressors

In 1967 Atlas Copco was the first company to launch stationary, oil-free, electrically driven compressors, the Z series. And the Z range were the first compressors to achieve ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) and ISO 22000 certification. 100% guaranteed, oil-free compressed air to ensure both reputation and bottom line are protected – essential for manufacturers who find that air quality is essential to their production process.

Put our 50 years of experience in oil-free compressors to the test

Powerful yet quiet compressors for bodyshop owners and SMEs

bodyshop compressor

A new generation of powerful yet quiet oil-injected rotary screw workplace air compressors are available in 7 kW, 11 kW and 15 kW variants with flows varying from 29.5-68.7 cfm. The G7-15 series of compressors offer a number of enhancements in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, and Free Air Delivery to SMEs and bodyshops alike.
Looking for a dependable source of compressed air to locate right in the heart of your workplace?

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