Fresh Air | March 2017

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Top tip: Efficient compressed air management

compressor installation

It costs a lot in electricity to run a compressor. Our business line manager, Micheál McGuinness, explains how careful planning of the compressed air system design, and smart thinking in running it, can keep the costs under control, saving electricity and money.

Follow Micheál's 8 steps to efficient compressed air management


Oil-free centrifugal compressors for industrial process plants

ZH centrifugal compressors presentation

17,000 pints of beer! That’s the equivalent energy costs you could save with our ZH 630-1600 oil-free compressors. Watch the video featuring Michael Pingram, our proposals engineer, to gain an insight into the features and benefits of this centrifugal compressor range that serves applications within the automotive, electronics, glass, metal and gas processing sector.

Watch Michael presenting the ZH/ZH+ compressors

SmartLink - See things coming

See things coming with Smartlink

Get connected with our SmartLink compressor monitoring programme to detect emerging problems before they happen, improve uptime of your compressors and production lines, and uncover potential energy savings.


Find out what SmartLink has done for other compressor users.

VSD: Get it just right!

get it right with a VSD compressor

Take control of fluctuating air demands with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressors, which offer up to 50% in average energy savings.


Discover how they work in this video

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