Fresh Air | October 2016

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Top Tip: How to manage your compressor in winter.

Compressed air energy recovery unit

Anyone running compressed air equipment when the ambient temperature drops near or below freezing should be aware of some simple checks to make sure your production is protected and you avoid expensive repair bills. Follow these quick tips to safeguard your compressed air installation and your facility throughout the winter months. .

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Oil-free solutions for incomparable air purity

oil-free compressed air

We know that contamination by even the smallest quantities of oil can result in costly production downtime and product spoilage. When you need top quality compressed air for your food and drinks, electronics, pharmaceuticals or other critical production processes, Atlas Copco has the expert solution.

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What are the advantages of remote monitoring and IoT?

remote monitoring of compressor and vacuum pump performance

Stef Lievens, Business Line Manager for Compressor Technique Service at Atlas Copco UK, examines how the remote monitoring of compressor and vacuum pump performance helps to identify and resolve functional problems.

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Just how does Atlas Copco save 50% in energy costs?

energy saving air compressor

Our Product Manager, Elke Van Overbeke, introduces our VSD+ oil-injected rotary screw compressor with iPM (permanent magnet motor) from 37 to 75kW. Just one of the ways that Atlas Copco can halve your energy costs for generating compressed air!

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The new VSD+ innovation allows us to install compressed air solutions that match your demand.

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Check out our new DZS Dry Claw Vacuum Pump Range

DZS dry claw vacuum pump

We've recently launched a new energy efficient claw pump range which sets a new benchmark in dry claw vacuum pump technology. The DZS pump is ideally suited for pneumatic conveying, woodworking, drying, sterilising, impregnation, thermoforming and extrusion processes.

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