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Meet the Power Technique Team - Jane Driscoll

As Atlas Copco celebrates 100 years in the UK this year, we get to know our team better and share some memories of Atlas Copco over their careers

Our current Year in Industry student, George, has been interviewing members of the Power Technique Team to gather some memories and some insight into why Atlas Copco stands the test of time.

Jane Driscoll Service Administrator Atlas Copco UK 100 years

Jane Driscoll

What is your role at Atlas Copco?
I’m the Power Technique Service Supervisor in the Service Division. I plan all the engineers’ work, take all the calls for break downs for the customers, raise the jobs, plan them, invoice the jobs, take stock checks and deal with part numbers.

Wow, a lot of responsibility! What do you enjoy about your role?
The investigation! I love investigating things. Especially with the new system we have just had put in place I’m able to investigate and problem solve, find out exactly what has happened with the machines and service jobs.

How long have you been with Atlas Copco?
I’ve been with Atlas Copco for 11 years, in various roles.

What sort of roles have you had?
I originally started on the mining side of the business, in the role of Spare Parts Support for surface drilling. I then moved into the Service Division within the mining business area - we were split into various different regions of the UK and Ireland, and I covered and supported the Ireland region. I went over there every quarter and spent a week with the team there to make sure everything was running smoothly - that was a role I really enjoyed.

After 4 years in that role I moved onto to rock drilling tools consumables where we use to sell Secoroc drill bits, which was a really good role for me because I was able to do a lot of problem solving. If we didn’t have the right drill bit in stock, I would be able to look it up and find a part number or a drill bit that could fit, and order in the stock.

I moved on to work with Act SAP as a Business Key User (BKU) in 2015, so my role completely changed, although I was still doing the rock tools position as well.

Then, in 2016, I was Customer Service Manager for the mining division. I moved over to the construction side of the business, now Power Technique, to become the Service Supervisor, which I’m still doing today.

What has been your favourite moment?
I would say being BKU for Act SAP. It was quite daunting when we first started, but I had a lot of training and felt like I made quite a big difference in 2015 with SAP going live - I was part of the team that made that happen. I’m back to being a BKU for SAP lift, with it only being myself now, but I think that was the most gratifying time in 2015.

What Power Technique product would you say best describes you?
A Cobra breaker!

Because it can be a bit feisty and so can I.

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