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Meet the Power Technique Team - Trevor Yu

As Atlas Copco celebrates 100 years in the UK, we get to know our team better and share some memories of Atlas Copco throughout their careers

Our current Year in Industry student, George, has been interviewing members of the Power Technique Team to gather some memories and some insight into why Atlas Copco stands the test of time.

Trevor Yu

Trevor Yu

What is your role?
My role is Sales and Marketing Coordinator for PTS (parts and service). I look after sales campaigns for spare parts and work closely with the marketing team to ensure that the sales campaigns are communicated to all our customers and dealers. I also look after service contracts, so if you need a service contract you can always contact me!

What do you find interesting about role so far? I know you only started with us at the end of last October
The most interesting thing at the moment is working with not just one team, like the marketing team, but also the PTS team, the accounts team, and having the variety of working closely with other people. I also feel like I have a lot of responsibility which is brilliant because I like having that responsibility so early on, and it is a lot more responsibility than when I was here as a Year in Industry student.

That leads me on to my next question: because you were a Year in Industry student here, what are the main differences between then and now?
When I was here as a student, I was with the different business areas for only 3 months each. The level of responsibility wasn’t as high as it is now. That’s the main difference.

Was your experience as a Year in Industry student what made you want to come back to Atlas Copco? Or were there other factors?
My experience as a Year in Industry student was good! So yes, that is why I’m back, I’m familiar with the company, not just Power Technique, but also the other business divisions, and the culture here that I’ve experienced first-hand is like no other company.

Are you happy to be back?
I am very happy as far as it goes being fairly new! Doing the Year in Industry helped me to get my foot in the door. I still recognise a lot of faces and a lot of people recognise mine. It’s good because I built some working relationships with people before that I can continue now I am back.

What Power Technique product best describe you?
Maybe a portable compressor!

Why would you say that?
I’m always working and now and again I need a service or a check up, to keep performing at the top level.

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