smaller footprint


service intervals


higher load factor


free space for upgrading


Up to 2250kVA in a single generator

Any single unit at full load and is tested in performance class

Other tests done by model: LAT, Vibration; noise, fuel consumption; water ingress

Application-oriented generator

Providing power in a wide variety of industries including data centres, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, retail and recreation, telecommunications, public works and governments, transportation and many more.

Power without compromise

- extreme testing procedure (performance class, LAT, vibration; noise, fuel consumption; water ingress…)
- Sound attenuated and rugged galvanized steel enclosure
- High cooling performance radiator with ParCOOL for 100% standby power operation
- Alternator IP23 with auxiliary winding (300% overcurrent during 20 seconds) and digital AVR (3 phases sensing and droop kit standard above 400 kVA)

Service efficiency

easy service industrial generator

service efficient industrial generator

• Decreased service downtime due to heavy duty fuel filtration system with water separator *
• Dual stage air filtration*
• Oil drain pump*
• 500 hours service interval

Easy and quick installation

industrial generator range

The QIS industrial generator range

• Plug and play cable connection
• Pass through cable path, natural bend and strain relief
• Retention bund 110% self containment* with level sensor*
• Hot parts, fan and belt protection

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Product variations

QIS10 ; QIS16 ; QIS25 ; QIS35 ; QIS45 ; QIS65 ; QIS95 ; QIS115 ; QIS140 ; QIS220 ; QIS300 ; QIS470 ; QIS510 ; QIS580 ; QIS630 ; QIS700 ; QIS735 ; QIS830 .

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How can the industrial generator help your business?


How can the industrial generator help your business?


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