Increased wear resistance thanks to dual layer reinforcement in shaft


Absence of moving parts in the hose means hand/arm vibrations are reduced

Clean, efficient power

Extremely cost effective solution if an air compressor is already at the work site. One compressor can run several pokers

Easy handling

The smart, easy-to-twist ball stop handle helps to avoid air leakage and power losses


The AY157 is equipped with two handles for great handling

Keeps cool

Excellent for walls and columns since the AY pokers are air-cooled and do not depend on the concrete to keep temperature down

Technical specifications

BH160: Pneumatic poker system for heavy duty applications

The BH160 is a heavy-duty alternative to regular electric or pneumatic pokers in applications such as dams, dry docks, wave breakers or other mass concrete vibration applications. Up to 8 pokers can be placed on one hydraulic beam, controlled by an integrated electronic system. The beam is then connected to a carrier, e.g. a hydraulic excavator.

Technical specifications

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