Superb anti-wear and corrosion protection

Extremely high oxidation stability

Balanced composition

Control the harmful effects of soot

Quality lubricant additives

Atlas Copco Geniune Oils

Developed to match our maintenance specifications, Atlas Copco fluids and lubricants help protect your investment, which keeps you productive and improves the resale value of your compressor.

- The correct fluids reduce equipment breakdowns and optimize your machine’s performance.
- Quality fluids last longer.
- Ordering from us simplifies the process and eliminates the need to work with multiple suppliers.

Paroil E Mission Green

Premium-quality engine oil for optimal performance, protection and lubrication of all the engines used in our machines. 

This oil meets stringent quality control specifications, ensuring your equipment will run smoothly and reliably. Paroil E Green is formulated from a highly refined mineral oil and an advanced additive system, demonstrating excellent high-temperature viscosity retention over extended service periods. This oil also provides a very high level of protection to all parts of the engine, in both diesel and petrol engines. Overall engine cleanliness is improved, even under the most severe conditions.

Its outstanding performance makes it suitable for engines under the latest low emissions legislations (Final Tier 4/Stage IV) and previous regulations. Moreover, it can be used not only in the whole concrete equipment with engines, but also in the other Atlas Copco engine-driven machines in your fleet, including light compaction,  portable compressors, generators, self-prime pumps, hydraulic power packs, ride-on rollers, and more, simplifying your engine oil procurement, and optimizing your stock planning.