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Air compressor rental for all applications and industries

Industrial air compressors for emergency air or planned maintenance

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Sunil Natekar - Atlas Copco Rental India

Sunil Natekar

Business Line Manager - Specialty Rental

For short- or long-term demands, for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: you can rely on our compressors for an efficient industrial air supply - exactly how and when you need it. Our engineers design the most suitable temporary installation. A fast set-up and a cost- and energy-effective approach are part of the total package, all completely tailored to your specific application.

For all pressure levels and flows

Electric- or diesel-driven, our wide range of compressors, air hoses, dryers, receivers, collectors... guarantees a top quality air supply at any pressure level and flow:

  • Low pressure: up to 4 bar compressor set-ups for process air, aeration systems, pneumatic conveying... 
  • Medium pressure: 4 to 12 bar compressors for piping, refining, textile and paper industry... 
  • High pressure: 13+ bar compressors for onshore, drilling, mining, construction...

Cost-effective compressed air

Delivered by mobile and containerized units for all applications!
Our compressor units guarantee a highly reliable supply of high quality air, exactly tailored to your needs.

100% oil-free air, ISO-certified: Class zero

Our wide range of oil-free compressors supplies 100% oil-free air for all critical applications. Our Class Zero equipment is ISO-certified - an industry first.

Oil-free air has plenty of advantages: it eliminates the risk of air contamination in your end-product, it reduces the operating cost of compressed air in your business and lowers your maintenance costs.

24/7 premium service for optimal efficiency

  • Compressors for every sector including all industrial applications 
  • Professional equipment 
  • Express delivery, smart logistics & international experience 
  • Efficient all-in approach from design to delivery, training, on-site maintenance and collection 
  • The right compressors for your business: our service engineers design the matching set-up with you with eye for energy-efficiency