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Virtual shaft for PET bottle blowing compressors

In general, compressors are connected to one machine that generates power. When this machine starts it has to generate about seven to ten times the energy that it eventually needs to blow PET bottles. This is an enormous cost as companies have to pay for this surge of electricity. We have developed a way to avoid this huge peak in current that is generated when compressors are started.

Instead of using one machine,  we use two and connect them with a “virtual shaft”, this shaft virtually connects the two machines by using our own patented algorithms. By doing this,  the two machines do not start simultaneously but with a time interval, one of the machines delivers about 60% of the necessary energy and the other machine delivers the rest. The outcome is that the starting currents for both machines are a lot lower, thus a lot more energy efficient when combined and this results in a lower total cost of ownership.

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