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Compressed air newsletter - December 2021

New Year 2022

New year message from our General Manager

We are coming to the end of a new year together and we do not want to stop thanking you for the trust that you, our clients and strategic partners, place in us to accompany them in the execution of their projects.


As we come to the end of another unpredictable year, let's revisit 2021 for the learnings and achievements.


We have seen that during the 2nd wave, our dedicated, professional and loyal employees, stood side by side with the Doctors and Nurses of India, to install as many oxygen generators and compressors for oxygen generators. Under difficult and challenging times, we commissioned 100’s of compressors and generators.


We also saw this year, some of the biggest pushes from Governments around the world to reduce carbon emissions and help prevent the rise in temperature.


Our strong commitment to being part of the solution leads us to adapt and change our environmental targets to be science-based and in this endeavour, we are measuring and reducing the CO2 emissions from our operations.


Apart from that we also understand the impact of air compressors on the environment and therefore, we continuously aim to reduce energy consumption & emissions by providing energy-efficient compressed air solutions with our dedicated sales and service team. 

This team is driven with a mission to look for any energy savings that can help you reduce your energy costs and improve your productivity and efficiency.


Click here to know how much can you save.


Looking forward to 2022, we are confident it will be a good year for business. There appears to be growing confidence from the manufacturing PMI as well as overall consumer confidence. 


With innovation in our DNA, we are going to launch a new range of air compressors, air dryers & gas generators that will reduce the energy even more. You may contact our skilled team of engineers to know more about new products and ways to further reduce your operating costs to make you more productive. 


We know that the supply chain is a challenge and will remain a challenge and this coupled with the increased commodity costs is meaning many companies need to work closely with their customers to find the best solutions. We will be doing the same and we recommend that you download our Smartlink app to help monitor your compressed air network.


My very best wishes for a very Happy New Year and we look forward to working even harder for you in 2022.


Stay tuned and keep reading our Compressed Air Digital newsletter!