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Compressed air newsletter - February 2022

February 25, 2022

Here's your monthly digest containing useful tips on energy savings and information about air compressors, air dryers, filters, spare parts, airnet piping and other energy-saving/optimization compressed air products.

From the desk of our General manager

Photograph of General Manager - CT CC India Mr. Conrad Latham

Conrad Latham - General Manager Atlas Copco Compressor Technique

As the country unlocks fully, we see more and more of our customers are wanting to have face to face meetings to discuss their new compressed air requirements.

Reducing the energy bills and thereby increasing the profitability of our customers is a constant mantra within Atlas Copco. It is trained right from the beginning of the company's induction program that making our customers more profitable makes the relationship more sustainable.

The business has remained strong and the demand for compressed air is a clear indicator of how the manufacturing segment is developing. We see with the help of the Smartlink information, that many segments of the industry continue to grow and the demand for more efficiency in the compressed air system is a driving decision criterion constantly.

This is the Atlas Copco Way and as look to celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March, we are excited to bring our new team of female sales engineers into the family.

We have now more than 40 female colleagues working in our sales and service team and we are constantly adding to this number for our Service Engineers and Sales Engineers. It is wonderful to be on our journey to have more than 30% of our team as females by 2030.

If your next visit from an Atlas Copco engineer is one of our females, please welcome them in and let them explain how they can help you more profitable by lowering your energy costs. You may read more about our diversity and inclusion initiative here

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the newsletter!

Featured Tips

Please follow the below articles/ links to keep yourself updated on air compressors, gas generators, and energy-efficient solutions.

1. Can you identify your challenge?

Monster challenge banner

Compressed air systems can be complex, and they include what feels like thousands of moving parts. How often do you discover that X depends on Y depends on Z, or that your application is highly efficient only when a piece of equipment functions in a precise way? More than likely, this is a pretty common experience.

> Find out the common compressed air system problems

2. What is Membrane nitrogen generation?

VSDs Air Compressor

A membrane nitrogen generator allows companies to produce their own nitrogen gas (N₂). Essentially, these generators extract the N₂ contained in the air around us to a degree at which it can be used for a wide range of professional N₂ applications from food preservation to plastics injection moulding & many more.

Read more about membrane technology here


Video: What is membrane nitrogen generation?

A membrane nitrogen generator allows businesses to self-produce this important gas. The video focuses on what is membrane nitrogen generation and how you can achieve a stable, continuous flow of nitrogen right on the production floor.

3. Compare technologies: VSD versus fixed speed

Image of machine-to-machine connectivity

In most industrial operations, the demand for compressed air fluctuates. An Atlas Copco air compressor with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) automatically adjusts the compressor’s operating speed to match air production to demand in real-time, saving significant amounts of energy. How does it work?

Read how does VSD technology work here

4. Installing a Compressor

VSDs Air Compressor

Installing a compressor system is easier than it used to be. There are still a few things to keep in mind though, most importantly where to place the compressor and how to organise the room around the compressor.


Learn more about the process of installing a compressor system


Featured Tips

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