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Compressed air newsletter - June 2022

Here's your monthly digest containing useful tips on energy savings and information about air compressors, low-pressure blowers, air dryers, filters, spare parts, airnet piping and other energy-saving/optimization compressed air products.

Discover our Medical Gas Pipeline Solutions

Watch the video to learn how we are assisting the medical and healthcare industry with exceptional medical air and vacuum systems, manifolds, monitoring equipment and pipeline components.

Featured Tips

Please follow the below articles/ links to keep yourself updated on air compressors, gas generators, and energy-efficient solutions.

1. How to choose the right air compressor for your needs

Atlas Copco air compressors

To select the right air compressor for your needs, you must understand your application and demand for air. The right type and size compressor can help you reduce energy costs and optimize productivity.


📌Buying a new compressor? Here’s how to get it right.

2. Industrial gas - Purity vs Quality

Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators - High Purity

A common misconception is that these two terms- Purity and Quality refer to the same thing. They do not! Purity refers to the type of gas, while quality reflects its cleanliness.


📌 Learn more about purity and quality here


3. Centrifugal compressor - Things to know

Atlas Copco ZH Centrifugal compressors

A centrifugal compressor is a type of dynamic compressor, or turbo compressor, built using a radial design. These compressors work at constant pressure, & the performance is impacted by external circumstances. 


📌 Know more about centrifugal compressors

4. On-demand webinar - Maximize the efficiency of your compressor room

Air compressor efficiency

In case you missed registering or attending our webinar on how to maximize the efficiency of your compressor room, here is your chance to watch again and download a copy of the slides.


📌Watch the recording here


5. Atlas Copco Culture Quiz 

Our colleagues discussed what's it like to work at Atlas Copco, and what drives them or keeps them motivated at work. They also answer the most difficult question about being a decentralized organization - its advantages and challenges.

Featured Tips

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